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Party Time

Party time

We guarantee fun for everyone!

With a variety of options to suit your requirements, we bring the joy of candle making directly to you with our mobile parties or offer a venue party experience with a variety of themes at our premises. Get ready to ignite your creativity and have a blast with your friends while indulging in the art of candle crafting!

Venue Parties

Looking for the ideal venue to host your candle party? Look no further! Here is a list of possible venues to choose from. Our candle crafting parties can be organized at these premises. You can create your own beautiful party or choose from our theme selection. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere that perfectly resembles the spirit of candle crafting.

Kiddies On Step
Mobile Party

Mobile Parties

Prefer to hold the party at your choice of destination? Our mobile candle crafting parties can be organized to suite your requirements, whether it’s your own backyard, a local park, or a rented event space! We’ll bring all the supplies and equipment, ensuring that you and your guests can enjoy the candle crafting experience without any hassle.

Adult Parties

Candle crafting isn’t just for kids! Our adult candle parties offer a unique twist on traditional gatherings, providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere to socialize and unwind. No matter the occasion, our candle parties offer an excellent opportunity to connect, bond, and create lasting memories.
Adult Party
equipment rental

Rent Our Equipment

View our equipment available for rental.
Email us to check the availability of the equipment and make sure to secure the rental for your party!


Bubble Machine

What's Included:

  • Bubble Machine
  • 1L Bubble Solution (Additional cost: R67)
  • R300


    Popcorn Machine

    What's Included:

  • Popcorn Machine
  • 500g of Popcorn Kernels & a Scoop
  • x1 Spice (add-on extras are available)
  • x30 Bags
  • R480

    Rent it here

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