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We'll brighten up your child’s special day

Unforgettable Candle Parties!

Creating and exploring with our 7 different colours of wax by creating their very own beautiful candles to take home as well as other activities! 

All while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the party while we take care of what we do best!

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From 5 years +

Minimum x10 kids,
Maximum x15 kids

Venue Party Costings

Venue & Cost Per Person Breakdown


Here is a list of party venues that you can book.

Please arrange a date and time with them and we’ll host the candle party for you!


hire our themes!

COST: R500 (Set-up included)

Cost Per Person

We pride ourselves in giving you a unique, enjoyable party with THE HIGHEST STANDARDS all around!

You Pay for:

  • We will HOST THE ENTIRE PARTY for you!
  • CANDLE CREATING! This is the main activity for all our parties! Each child will make x3 candles to take home!
  • EXTRA PARTY ACTIVITY! This is dependent on your theme, and we specialize in our creative, additional craft activities at our parties, making it extraordinary for all to enjoy!
  • SWEETS AND DRINKS! Presented in our standard, adorable baskets! (This can be taken home at an additional cost. Please provide own sweets.)


See our Themes and costing

The price (per person) includes the Candle Creating Activity (x3 candles to take home)!
As well as the extra party craft activity! (Also to be taken home!)

Standard Candle Parties ThemeMaking gorgeous candles to be taken home.

We will occupy them for the duration of the party, but there will be no extra activity to be taken home.

Alice in Wonderland ThemeEverybody is MAD here

OPTION 1: Decorating polystyrene Mad Hatter’s Hat
OPTION 2: Design your own ceramic Mug (Age 9+ only)

Frozen ThemeWinter Wonderland

OPTION 1: Decorating a Fluffy Olaf (polystyrene)
OPTION 2: Make your own adorable snowman (using socks)

Once Upon A Time ThemePrincess Party

Decorate a polystyrene Glass-Sliper (Boys will decorate a sword)

Secret Garden ThemeInviting Fairies, Bugs, Butterflies, & Gnomes

OPTION 1: Painting a Rocking Bug
OPTION 2: Make your own Cuddly Caterpillar (sock) 
OPTION 3: Bug Hunting in our garden & a bug race – game

Unicorn ThemeWhere the magic begins

OPTION 1: Painting a Mini Mushroom
OPTION 2: 3D Unicorn (Made of polystyrene and ribbons)

Unda Da Sea ThemeMermaid party

OPTION 1: Decorate a Treasure Chest
OPTION 2: Choosing a Mermaid’s best friend (Painting: Dolphine, Crab, Octopus, Sea Horse etc.)

Space ThemeFor the boys!

Playing a Cyber Game

Army ThemeFor the boys!

Team Building – Trooper Games

Teen's PartyAn EPIC party!

Design your own ceramic CUP

Pillows Comfort Queen ThemeAn EPIC party!

Design your Pillow

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Bubble Machine

What's Included:

  • Bubble Machine
  • 1L Bubble Solution (Additional cost: R67)
  • R300


    Popcorn Machine

    What's Included:

  • Popcorn Machine
  • 500g of Popcorn Kernels & a Scoop
  • x1 Spice (add-on extras are available)
  • x30 Bags
  • R480

    Rent it here

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