Mobile CANDLE Party!

Brightening up your child’s special day with

our unforgettable MOBiLE PARTIES!


Sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities…

We let the kids create and explore with our seven different colours of wax by making their very own beautiful candles to take home! All while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party while we take care of what we do best!


Introducing endless fun and creativity

Candle making is the main activity for all our parties. Our professional and friendly staff will supervise your party and entertain the kids during the candle making activity.

We have a variety of samples candles to choose from.

We’ll let them choose a candle from these samples and  show them how to dip their candles in the coloured wax. (Taking them one by one). The wax dries instantly with no time to mess!  The end result is a beautiful and brightly coloured candle that is unique and has been created by them!

The duration…

The duration of the candle activity will depend on the amount of kids attending the party.

In general:

x10 kids will take an hour,

x15 kids – an hour and a half.

If your total exceeds x20 kids they will only make x2 candles per child as time will then be limited.

We pride ourselves in having an organised, enjoyable party for all,

therefore additional staff is applicable for (x16-25 kids).

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