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Sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities…

We let the kids create and explore with our seven different colours of wax by decorating their very own beautiful candles to take home! All while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party while we take care of what we do best!

Introducing endless fun and creativity

Candle decorating is the main activity for all our parties. Our professional and friendly staff will supervise your party and entertain the kids during the candle making activity.

We have a variety of samples candles to choose from.

We’ll let them choose their own design and  show them how to make it! (Taking them one by one).

The wax dries instantly with no time to mess!  The end result is a beautiful and brightly coloured candle that is unique and has been created by them!

How long will it take?

The duration of the candle activity will depend on the amount of kids attending the party.

In general: x10 kids will take an hour, x15 kids – an hour and a half.

If your total exceeds x20 kids they will only make x2 candles per child as time will then be limited.

We pride ourselves in having an organised, enjoyable party for all!

Ages: from 5+

We'll be knocking on your door 30 min prior to the start of your event

  • Our professional, friendly staff will supervise your party and entertain the kids while they make their own gorgeous candles.
  • We’ll show them one by one, how to decorate their own x3 candles to take home.
  • We’ll bring everything that we need, so you don’t have to lift a finger

CALL OUT FEE (will secure your booking)

We have x4 party options to choose from!

  1. Do it in Style – Candle Party 
  2. Design Your cup – Candle Party
  3. Comfort Queen – Candle Party
  4. Themed Craft – Candle Party

Popcorn Machine

Let's get POPPING and indulge in some awesomely freshly popped, warm popcorn at your next event!

Bubble Machine

Let them run around an play, popping bubbles and creating a magical fun atmosphere at any party!

Party Decor & Themes

We have over seven themes to choose from, so if you want to impress your friends with party decor like no other, you better click the link below!

Craft Party Activities

FUN, affordable creative crafts to go with your themes, keeping them happy and occupied throughout the party AND they get to take it home!

Most Adorable Baskets

This is not only a classy way of presenting a party pack at your party, but it can also be used for a treasure hunt and it can be taken home!

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