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Warm up with Candle Avenue!

Here at Candle Avenue, we are all about FUN, LAUGHTER, CREATIVITY adorable CRAFTS, and of course CANDLE CREATIONS!! We have a packed programme this holiday, to keep little hands busy and occupied this long winter holiday!
On our OPEN DAYS, we are open to the public. That means mom and dad can join in the fun! Bring Grandma and Grandpa too for some candle creations. Each person gets to create x4 candles and you get x2 testers to start with!

Additional Information

Where: Candle Avenue, 10 Moraea st, Halali, Durbanville
Who: Children aged age 5+ school kids, tweens, teens and adults

Open Days

Sat. 2 March – OPEN DAY

Sat. 30 March – OPEN DAY (morning)

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Holiday Fun

Thurs. 14 Dec – X-mas Ornament Crafts
Mon. 18 Dec – Christmas Games
Wed. 10 Jan 2024 – Dot Painting
Thurs. 11 Jan 2024 – Paper Roll Robots
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Upcoming Events

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Email us to check the availability of the equipment and make sure to secure the rental for your party!


Bubble Machine

What's Included:

  • Bubble Machine
  • 1L Bubble Solution (Additional cost: R67)
  • R300


    Popcorn Machine

    What's Included:

  • Popcorn Machine
  • 500g of Popcorn Kernels & a Scoop
  • x1 Spice (add-on extras are available)
  • x30 Bags
  • R480

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