Adult Workshops

Introducing endless creativity

With Candle Avenue you will discover how quick and easy it is to create your very own candles. We have a variety of samples to choose from, or you can simply design your own candle. Our dip tank has seven different colours including the magical frosting!

Exploring with colours has never been so easy

We supply you with white, readymade candles. You choose the colour and dip your candle in the coloured wax. The wax dries instantly with no time to mess!  The end result is a beautiful and brightly coloured candle that is your own unique creation.

What to expect at your workshop

We come out to you! We supply you with white ready-made candles and we let everyone explore with seven different colours by decorating their own candles!  Each person takes their candles home. Their very own masterpieces! Please contact us for a quote for an unforgettable event. Booking is essential so please book well in advance.