What fabulous fun we had on this Friday afternoon! Creating our very own ice cream clay and sprinkles to create the most awesome ice creams EVER!!

We started off drawing three little ice cream men.

small1 small2


Then we got our cones ready!


Let the fun begin! We gave everyone a cone and then we sent the “ice cream” buckets around for everyone to smell… Yes, smell NOT taste! We made sure that the little ones understood that this wasn’t real ice cream and that their tummies would hurt if they ate it. One little boy said: “It smells like my daddy on a Sunday!” (you’ll understand why when you see the ingredients!)

small7 small8 small9 small10 small11 small12 small14 small15 small16 small17 small18 small19

Yes… it was really messy but loads of fun. We let the kids wash their hands in a bucket of water.



Then we had some candle fun! Each one made two candles to take home.

small22 small23 small24 small25 small26 small27 small28


And after all that hard work we ended our day with some REAL ice cream! Yum yum!!

small29 small30 small31 small32


Our Ice Cream Clay is really easy to make!

To make Freezy Ice Cream Dough you will need:

  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Freezer space
  • (Optional) – Kool-aid, cocoa powder, extract, or any other product you desire for adding scent (I preferred not add this as some of the kids were young and I made them smell it to make sure their fingers didn’t go into their mouths.)
  • Optional– substitute cool whip to make an edible freezy dough

We will definitely do this again!!