What a fantastic morning we had with auntie Annelize showing us how cool the perler beads are! Her business is called TOY GENIE and she has the most amazing toys and gifts on sale! Details will follow at the end of this post.

Everybody hard at work! What colour will be next…









This kept their hands and minds busy, while creating and planning the perfect shapes!

small36 small18 small19


After they’ve arranged their beads, aunty Annelize melted the whole shape together! Giving them an option of keeping it like it is or adding a magnet to the shape for the fridge!



This is what they all made:



handbag, cupcake, flower, car, tortoise, horse, whale, fish, butterfly and bird. Lots of shapes to choose from big or small, prices starting at R50.00!

Then each one made two candles each




AWESOME FUN we had today!

For more info on the Perler Beads, please contact Annelize Pretorious from Toy Genie on 083 753 5153 / preta@mweb.co.za.