We have had a fantastic, monstrous day at Candle Avenue.¬†And what a yum yum time we had! The kids had a blast decorating cupcakes, enjoying some delicious hot chocolate and each made their own egg candle to take home! Here are some pictures of what’s been taking place.


1. First we made some beautiful candles!

small1 small2

small3 small4 small5 small6


2. Charne Enslin-Bam helped us created the most amazing little monster cupcakes, ever!

small7 small8 small9 small10 small11 small12 small13 small14 small15 small16 small17 small18 small19 small20 small21 small22 small23 small24


3. TAKING A BREAK… sipping on some delicious hot chocolate eating our cupcakes!



4. Getting back to work… we decorated our boxes for the cupcakes and did some great colouring work!

small25 small26 small27


5. Then it was time to… STIKE A POSE!

small29 small30 small31 small32





There is never a dull moment here at Candle Avenue, keeping your kids entertained and happy this Holiday!